The Greatest Investment You Can Make In Your Coaching Business

When it comes to building a coaching business, there are so many thing you “think you need to invest in.

You think you need:

  • a website
  • a certification
  • a brand
  • headshots
  • an office
  • etc

I thought I needed those things to, but in all honesty, they were secondary. Some where even a waste and didn’t hit my bottom line.

A distinction that has really helped me is the difference between expensive and expansive.

An expense is money that leaves forever and never returns to you. When something is perceived as expensive, you think, “I can’t afford to do this right now.”

An investment is money that leaves and returns with more friends. When something is perceived as expansive, you think, “I can’t afford not to do this right now.”

Every dollar you spend should be an investment.

Check out the video to learn what the greatest investment you can make right now.

You are a gold mind!



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