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Courtney Sanders
Think & Grow Chick Success Circle

Income Wasn't Matching Influence
“I tried launching my mastermind on my own, but working with Jullien showed me that I only knew the tip of the iceberg in terms of launching a successful mastermind group coaching program.”
-Courtney Sanders
Launch Results
 Timeline: 30 Days (Apr 16th-May 16th)
 Members: 182 Members
 Monthly Price: $197/month
 Conversion: 0.57%
 $ Per Email: $13.28
 Revenues: $425,110
 Courtney's Launch Success Story
In a short period of time, Courtney built an amazing and engaged community over 32,000 entrepreneurially-minded women through consistent posting, Facebook Lives, free challenges, and webinars. 

Her business model included online courses and 1-on-1 coaching. And just before working with us, she launched a mastermind by herself. She made enough money to quit her full-time job, but she felt limited by the 1-on-1 business model in terms of income and impact.
After being on coach call after coach call after coach call, she knew there had to be another way. Her income wasn't matching her influence. She felt spread thin and caught up in the content creation hamster wheel trying to deliver on everything she sold while constantly being on coach calls.

5 months after her initial launch, we came in and helped her relaunch her mastermind using our simple and proven structure and launch strategy. 

From an email list of about 32,000, our launch strategy creating 3316 launch webinar registrants, 1266 launch webinar attendees, and 182 new members at $197/month or $1997 for the year. Her initial launch by herself only created 78 members at various price points from $49/month to $99/month. 

Based on her past revenues, we 5xed her projected revenues for the next 12 months and that just includes this single revenue stream. On top of that, the simplicity of the structure we provided her and the online technologies we offer to manage and retain her group means that she only needs to work about 12 hours per week on her mastermind business which includes coaching online, creating content, and leading her newly hired team member.

Brian Beane
Multilevel Mastery Mastermind

Finally, A Single Simple Offer
“I speak all over the world helping network marketers grow their businesses. At first, the speaking fee was all that mattered to me. But I realized that I was leaving money on the table and I knew that an ongoing mastermind was the best way to monetize my mind.”
-Brian Beane
Launch Results
 Timeline: 67 Days (Feb 21-Apr 30th)
 Members: 47 Members
 Monthly Price: $49-$149/month
 Conversion: 0.90%
 $ Per Email: $12.42
 Revenues: $64,569
 Brian's Launch Success Story
Brian Beane is a world renown network marketer who has since retired and now trains others to succeed like he did in whatever company they are in. He speaks all over and is heavy on Facebook Live. His trainings are practical and powerful. 

For over a year, his flagship course, Multilevel Mastery, was sitting on the shelf. He didn't want to do a one-time launch, get a cash pop, teach, and then have to do it all over again. That's where the Multilevel Mastery Mastermind came in. Through the mastermind, they would get the information and the transformation that he desired for his students.

From an email list of about 5,200, our launch strategy creating 809 launch webinar registrants, 437 launch webinar attendees, and 47 new members at various levels—basic ($49/month), core ($99/month), and premium ( $149/month)

Fatimah williams Castro
Be Bold Mastermind

Pivot Toward Purpose & Profit
“Starting a my mastermind group allowed me to instantly create a new 5-figure recurring revenue stream while also serving my followers who were caught between buying my book and investing in 1-on-1 coaching at a higher level.”
-Fatimah Williams Castro
Launch Results
 Timeline: 26 Days (Dec 8th-Jan 3rd)
 Members: 20 Members
 Monthly Price: $99/month
 Conversion: 1.00%
 $ Per Email: $11.88
 Revenues: $23,760
 Fatimah's Launch Success Story
Over several years, Fatimah had established herself as the go-to career coach for PhDs who didn't want to pursue tenure. This was also her personal journey. She developed a decent 1-on-1 coaching practice, but she didn't feel fully expressed. She wanted to be around more entrepreneurial-minded women so that she could teach what she was learning to them. 

That paved the way for the Be Bold Mastermind. We named it after a book that she had already written. We did a private launch to her list of about 2,000 subscribers through webinar on visioning for the year and got a 1% conversion rate. 
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