How To Pivot Without Feeling Like You’re Starting Over

Pivoting is hard. It always feels like you’re starting over and everything you did in the past was for not.

They say, “You can’t can’t pour new wine into old wine skins.” Pivoting requires releasing someone certain to receive something that is uncertain.

Look at each area of your business and life. It’s likely that in one way or another you are pivoting whether it’s:

  • from one business model to the next
  • one technology to another
  • one marketing strategy to a better one
  • the city you used to work and live in to the one you desire


In this short video, I share 3 powerful questions that you can ask yourself as you seek to pivot from a good to great coaching or consulting company.

I’ve pivoted business models several times and these 3 questions have helped me tremendously.

Here is my journey:

  • I started out as blogger
  • Then I started leading my own workshops
  • Then I started publishing books
  • Then I started speaking at colleges
  • Then I started consulting
  • Then I started creating online courses
  • Then I started corporate speaking
  • Then I started my own mastermind
  • Then I built an online coaching technology

Today, I do all of the above, but they have different priorities. Things I used to sell, I now use for marketing purposes to sell something else. Things I used to do weekly, I now only do monthly.

Everything was necessary to shape who I am now. I don’t feel that I anything I did in the past was wrong. It was all part of my journey to get here.

What matters most to me is that I feel aligned with my purpose in any given moment.

Learn. Lead. Love.


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