How To Meet Mentors Who Are Super Successful & Super Busy

Great mentors are hard to come by because they are busy being so great.

And while you know you can learn a lot from them, they may not be in a teaching mode, meaning that:

  • they aren’t actively looking for mentees to fill up their “free” time (I’m being sarcastic)
  • they haven’t written a book or blog or created an online course to show you how they do what they do
  • they don’t have a coaching program or mastermind group where you can pay for their time

So how do you get their time and attention?

In this video, I’ll show you exactly what I did to get 30 minutes with one of the biggest names in my industry.

I’ll cover:

  • How I met him in the first place
  • What I did to get the meeting
  • How I prepared for the meeting
  • How much it cost me to meet with him (and why I would have paid 10 times more and still be happy)

Why did I go to these lengths?

Because I know that a 30 minute conversation with him could change the trajectory of my business and life.

He may not be Oprah, but in my niche, he is.

Learn. Lead. Love.


P.S. The result was that we have another meeting with his team setup for next week. It was all worth it.

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