How To Find Free Leads On LinkedIN

In order to scale your business and your mastermind, at some point you have to get beyond your personal network.

Turning advertising into profit is how you get beyond the plateau.

But first, I encourage you to leverage all of the free resources that are available to you to build that initial momentum.

That’s why I created this video for you all.

LinkedIN is the 2nd most powerful platform next to Facebook Ads for researching and finding highly qualified leads for your services…and it is free to do so. For Facebook Ads, you have to be ready to pay.

Whether you are seeking individuals or organizations, LinkedIN’s advanced search feature is second to none.

Play the video. Pause. Take action. Play the video. Pause. Take the next action.

The three big steps include:

  1. Updating your LinkedIN profile to reflect how you want people to know you going forward
  2. Invited everyone you’ve ever emailed to connect with you on LinkedIN
  3. Used LinkedIN’s advanced search to mine your network for potential leads.

You will start to see results immediately. Your network will expand as people start accepting your invites and you’ll realize that you are either already connected to or closer to your ideal client than you imagined.

Let me know how it goes for you.

Learn. Lead. Love.


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