How To Find A Mastermind Group Near You or Online

It can be hard to find a mastermind group near you or online for several reasons, so in order to find a mastermind, I need you to open your mind because most mastermind groups aren’t called a mastermind group. Mastermind may not be in the language the group uses to define itself so it’s not easily searchable on Google.

Mastermind groups are all around us. For instance, a board meeting for a for-profit or non-profit is a mastermind group. The main difference is that the group focuses on the success CEO or Executive Director and the organization versus each members’ success. The President of the United States’ Cabinet is a mastermind group. The President appoints various Secretaries (of State, Labor, Energy, Homeland Security, etc) to create one collective view of America’s progress. WeightWatchers is also a mastermind group. Members go to meetings to be heard, supported, and celebrated by the entire group.

The traditional mastermind group is a small group of 5-10 people who meet 4-12 times per year with the intention of accelerating the personal and professional success of each group member. But there are tons of variations. There isn’t just one way or one defining criteria.

There also isn’t an online directory of mastermind groups readily available. The reason why is that many mastermind groups are private and invite-only. Therefore, they don’t have websites or social networks that display all of their members publicly. In most cases, you can’t just buy your way into a group. There are other criteria for membership beyond just money.

But remember my definition of a mastermind group.

  1. Does the group increase my awareness of who I am, where I am, and what I have to do?
  2. Does the group inspire me to to take action based on my new awareness?
  3. Does the group offer accountability for the actions I commit to taking?

How To Find A Mastermind Group That Isn’t Called A Mastermind Group

Here are some mastermind groups you can join or look to for inspiration as you design your mastermind group format. They aren’t called mastermind groups but meet the criteria. Feel free to share others if you know any. I’m happy to add them.

Alcoholics Anonymous: A.A. is for anyone is recovering from alcoholism. Meetings are free an happen almost daily all over the world.

Cave Canem Poets: This group is primarily for African American writers. They have an annual retreat with other events in between.

The Focused Group: This is my group. It’s for hard working professionals and solopreneurs who want to succeed with more ease and experience more happy hours while doing their Life’s Work.

Strategic Coach: This is mastermind group that I’m a part of. Their goal to help members have more entrepreneurial freedom by creating self-managing businesses. They meet quarterly for a full-day. There is a detailed curriculum and there are about 40 members in my group.

Toastmasters: This mastermind group is for anyone who wants to improve their public speaking and communication skills. They have  more than 332,000 memberships and 15,400 clubs in 135 countries.

Vistage: Vistage is for CEOs and Executives and offers professionally facilitated advisory peer groups that allow you to dig deep on challenging and important issues in your business. They have about 20,000 members and hosts over 12,000 meetings nationally per year.

WeightWatchers: This mastermind group is primarily for women trying to lose weight. They have meetings all over the world and there is an online version as well.

How To Find A Mastermind Groups Online

Here are several places and techniques to find a mastermind group near you or online.

1. Google “mastermind group for _________”

Blank could be writer, online marketer, entrepreneur, or mother, I’ve Googled all of these and found groups. So if you’re looking for a role-based or industry-based mastermind group online you should be able to find one. Whether it is active at the moment is the question.

2. Google “mastermind group in _________”

Blank could be Toronto, California, Denver, or New York. I’ve receive results for all of these phrases. Once you identify the group by location, you have to see if it fits you and your goals. I may find a group in Brooklyn, but if its focus is fashion, then it may not be a match for me.

3. Ask your online guru, mentor, or pioneer

If there is someone online you admire personally and professionally and you’ve followed their blog, books, and speaking for quite some time, simply email them and ask if they have a mastermind group or intend to start one. Usually they only offer their mastermind groups to people who have bought certain products or services in the past so as a subscriber you may have never received the invitation. If they hear the request enough and they see it’s something their readers want, they may take advantage of the business opportunity.

Their mastermind group may come in the form or a membership program or online course. In addition to the content that the course provides, they may offer some accountability through weekly assignments and webinars.


There are over 375 Mastermind Meetups with over 67,000 members worldwide. The only catch is that most of these groups are free. Free usually means less commitment from members and low criteria for membership. But this may be a great place for you to start to get a feel for a mastermind group.

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